'Lady Audley's Secret': Should It Be a Secret?

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"Lady Audley's Secret" Should it be a secret? Mary Elizabeth Braddon's novel "Lady Audley's Secret" presents readers with a captivating account involving the central character, Robert Audley, and his attempt to reveal more information concerning a suspicious story that he has come across. The text is relatively similar to other modern detective stories, but one of its main characteristics is the fact that it is dominated by drama, with humor being generally absent from the novel. While this text is meant to provide readers with a clear message, it is difficult for most to simply accept Lady Audley's version of her condition and of the things that influenced her in taking on such an attitude. Thus, readers are left with the question: Was Lady Audley really suffering from a mental illness, or was she too proud to admit that she was motivated by material values. It is only natural for someone to assume that psychology was not a very complex subject during the nineteenth century. Doctors did not have access to a Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and their ability to diagnose properly was divisive, to say the least. It is thus difficult to determine whether or not Lady Audley was actually mentally ill or if she simply faked it in order to avoid being judged for her actions. The fact that she was a proud individuals further supports this scenario, as this was a very powerful woman who knew what she wanted and who was determined to achieve her goals
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