Lady Gaga Dissing Katy Perry

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Lady Gaga Dissing Katy Perry In the battle of pop music superstars, millions of people are aware of how Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are so similar in ways that fans would even start a war on who is actually the fake one. Katy Perry music videos, with meaningful and creative lyrics, touches many young teens to young adults' hearts as they listen to her. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga fans are stunned about her music videos and how they are unique even though it doesn't make sense. These two are the biggest stars in the music industry, today, but if one starts to talk about the other, it a raging war. Lady Gaga disses Katy Perry is a huge story that hit the music industries and fans for days, even weeks. Many fans are thinking about what was going to happen with those two. Tabloid magazines exploded with rumors spreading around on Katy Perry copying Lady Gaga or vice versa. One thing that fans should know is that not all news articles are the same. Tabloid magazines go against the odds with gossip and try to make outrageous claims about famous people which leaves the readers confused. However, Credible magazines such as Time or People simply talk about the same stories, but in a professional way to get the news out and that the National Enquirer is different from the writing style, headlines and photos. The articles about Lady Gaga Disses Katy Perry uses many different writing styles that talk about the two stars. The article, " Lady Gaga Disses Katy Perry For Stealing Her Look: Going
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