Lady In Paris

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Known as one of the most famous Latin American writers, Julio Cortazar experimented with writing techniques and existential questions in his work. One of his short stories, “A Letter to a Young Lady in Paris”, is written in the form of a letter from the narrator to their significant other, Andrea, who is away in Paris at the time. The narrator has decided to move into Andrea’s apartment and is writing the letter to attempt to explain that the damage Andrea will inevitably come home was caused by a group of rabbits brought into the world through an anomaly the narrator experiences in which they vomit up a live rabbit every few weeks. At the very end of the story, one realizes that this is no ordinary letter, but actually the narrator’s suicide note. The rabbits symbolize the narrator’s desire for creative freedom, which he continually attempts to suppress and keep under control, until the eleventh rabbit comes along and acts as a catalyst, thereby changing their perception of life itself. The narrator introduces the concept of them vomiting up rabbits as an…show more content…
Rabbits, especially white rabbits, are viewed as gentle, pure, harmless creatures, so the fact that this particular animal is the manifestation of the narrator’s demise is a statement that something doesn’t have to be bad to undo a person. Any type of desire is going to have its effects, whether it be positive or negative, so because the narrator fears the negative side, they suppress desire as a whole, making them shameful of any remnants that manages to escape. Ultimately, the narrator killing themself shows that although it is possible, keeping a part of one’s thoughts off limits is not a way to live one’s life. Life is about both the good and the bad, and trying to only experience a fraction of what life has to offer can be
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