Lady Macbeth: A Disturbed Character in William Shakespeare´s Macbeth

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Through Lady Macbeth's opening soliloquy in Act 1 Scene 5 she spontaneously gets portrayed as a disturbed character due to her treacherous and murderous planning she establishes after receiving the letter from Macbeth. This is noticeable when she says “the raven himself is hoarse that croaks the fatal entrances of Duncan under my battements” this signify that Lady Macbeth is steadfast to kill Duncan as she is aware that there is no other appropriate place to end Duncan then her own castle as no one would incredible them and she can easily situate the accusation on anyone she want to. The use of the word “raven” symbolise a bad omen such as death so after seeing the ravens Lady Macbeth believes that this is a sign from the evil spirits to kill Duncan therefore by murdering Duncan she is embracing what she got notified to do, nothing else. In addition to this the word “fatal” highlights Lady Macbeth deadly and dangerous motive that she has towards killing Duncan, the word also implies that Duncan entrance to her house is going to be dangerous as he does not know what surprise awaits for him inside the castle because he is inattentive of Lady Macbeth evilness as she portrays to him her fabricated image of being submissive and caring. Furthermore the phrase “under my battlement” suggest that Lady Macbeth satisfy herself as she knows that when Duncan's entrance to her castle would be his last as he would be unsafe from Lady Macbeth's deadly and dangerous motive because he is
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