Lady Macbeth Personality

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Many characters throughout literature undergo several personality changes, leading readers to question their true nature. These are characters often cast aside their true nature in order to accomplish a goal. Their ends are often used to justify the means of their continuing character transformation and development. One such character is Lady Macbeth Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy, Macbeth. Over the course of Acts I and II, Lady Macbeth is presented as a cold hearted, overly ambitious, and blood thirsty person who is willing to do anything to climb the ladder of power with the highest rung on the ladder being her husband being named as King of Scotland. This image of a ruthless Lady Macbeth is contradicted by her actions in Act V in which Lady…show more content…
The degree of her lack of humanity is amplified when, in that very scene, she wishes to be filled “of direst cruelty” and for her blood to be thickened so that it may “stop up th’ access and passage to remorse” (1.5.41-42). While many perceive her wish to be devoid of humanity as a clear indication that Lady Macbeth’s true nature is that of a psychopath, a further analysis would clearly show that there a degree of humanity present within her, leading her to wish it away. If Lady Macbeth had lacked mortality beforehand, it would be wholly unnecessary for her to wish for morality to be taken away. Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth that he must be active in trying to become king and to do this they must kill King Duncan. Lady Macbeth shows a deceptive side as she advises Macbeth to “bear welcome in [his] eye” when speaking to Duncan in order to hide their true intentions (1.6.62). She claims that she will take care of murdering Duncan, which is the beginning of Lady Macbeth’s downturn into a vicious murderer, as now her intentions are
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