Lady Macbeth Persuading Her Husband Analysis

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persuading her husband to do bad she should push him to do good. Just like any other nonselfish wife would. No wife should not be unsupportive of her husband and make him look bad. Having no regret that it is all her fault.
Pressure is another point I feel is made. Because she makes Macbeth do it telling him many things over and over. Including her calling Macbeth a coward “When you durst do it,” she says, “then you were a man”. In which makes Macbeth feel bad about himself. So in exchange, he wants to prove her wrong and show her he isn’t what she thinks he is or appears to be. Like I said along with her manipulating and persuading Macbeth. Having the scene set up it’s all easy for her.
Lady Macbeth, in my opinion, is the one responsible for
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