Essay on Lady Macbeth by William Shakespeare

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'Macbeth' is Shakespeare's shortest tragic play in which the main character, Macbeth, becomes the tragic hero. He begins as 'a noble lord' only to finish as 'Devilish Macbeth'. But who or what is responsible for the tragic downfall of Macbeth? I believe Macbeths is partly responsible for the tragic events that take place, including the murder of King Duncan, Banquo, Lady Macduff and her children. However, Macbeth was influenced by the supernatural witches and by the strict pressure of his wife, Lady Macbeth. The themes of Fate, Ambition, Greed and Manhood are expressed in Macbeth's action and his tragic downfall.

Firstly, Macbeth is partly responsible for the tragedy that befell him. He has always harboured the desire to be king, as
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She advises him to hide his fear and to 'Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under't'. She convinces him that he must not let this moment of destiny for them pass. She showed ambition and greed early on and infested it into Macbeth. She criticises and threatens Macbeth's manhood by comparing him to a cat in the simile 'Like the poor cat in the story who wanted to eat fish, but would not get it's feet wet'. Macbeth's wife pressured him into committing the first murder which began the chain of events that eventually lead to Macbeths downfall and death.
Many people and things could have been accountable for Macbeth's demise, but without Lady Macbeth, King Duncan's murder and the events proceeding would have not taken place. Macbeth only accepted her initial push due to their marriage. Macbeth would never have decided to attempt the murder of King Duncan because of his nobility. He just needed a push from someone he trusted, and Lady Macbeth was there for him. Without Lady Macbeths initial idea, Macbeth's bloody path would have not lit up.

Thirdly, The Witches, or the 'three sisters' are also liable for the tragic downfall of Macbeth. The witches have played a significant role in the play, they're partly responsible for the deaths and tragic events that have happened in Macbeth. The theme of 'fair is foul and foul is fair' is mentioned early. This creates the connection between Macbeth and the witches. The
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