Lady Macbeth's Implication in Each Death

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From the beginning, Lady Macbeth has left her bloody footprint in each royal crime and murder that has happened in Scotland. Greediness, avarice, anger and love has led Lady Macbeth to begin to create a negative influence onto those close to her, particularly her husband, Macbeth. Although she thought that her actions would help her become queen and live happily ever after, these behaviours only made matters worse for Scotland and her own health.

It all began when Lady Macbeth's craving to have power overtook every part of her body. When inviting King Duncan to sleep over at her house, Lady Macbeth took this to her advantage by tempting Macbeth to do the unthinkable: killing the King. Despite the fact Macbeth was terrified to do it, she convinces him to do so by degrading him and saying “Fie my lord, fie, a soldier, and afeared?” at lines 32 and 33 from Act 5, scene 1. She believed that no one would even think of blaming them because Macbeth was such a noteworthy soldier to Duncan. At the lines 34 and 35 when she says “Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?”, she realizes that even if Duncan bid farewell to this world, his death left behind an enormous amount of consequences and conflicts that now stain her hands from the metaphorical blood still running from his body. Macbeth never thought of killing Duncan until Lady Macbeth administered the situation and controlled every move Macbeth made, as if he was her puppet.

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