Lady With Lapdog By Anton Chekhov

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Bad Romance
As Haddaway once said, “what is love? Baby, don 't hurt me, don 't hurt me - no more.” Everyone has a different perspective of what love really is. People can fall in love or believe they are in love because of physical attraction. Some may believe that lust can become into something more. In the short story, “Lady with Lapdog” by Anton Chekhov translated by David Magarshack, the main protagonist Gurov is married with a twelve-year-old daughter and two sons. He is not extremely happy with his family life so he likes to have small affairs to get away from it. As the plot develops he meets a girl named Anna, who he falls head over heels for, making the womanizer, fall in “love.” Even though what the did is immoral, it can be a good thing for the pair. They may have gotten out a situation that was not making them happy. Love can control the way people dictate their lives. Is it for the good of the people? Is it just some emotion that causes mischief? As seen in “Lady with Lapdog,” love is a powerful emotion that can alter people 's motives as well as can change other’s lives in an instant. Although love is about sacrifice for the significant other, it can also a very selfish emotion. During the story the when Gurov and Anna are in their affair she starts to complain and he, “could not help feeling bored as he listened to her...she buried her face on his chest and clung close to him,” (Chekhov 269), showing that he is not willing to listen to her when
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