Lady Wynmere's Fan by Oscar Wylde

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No one wants to accept it; no one wants to live with it. Why is it? Is it because we lack the willingness to change ourselves or is it because we don’t want it? None of it, it is mainly because we fear change. But the fact is we can’t stop it from happening. We either adapt to change, or we get left behind. But here’s the fun fact: Sometimes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. And sometimes, change is excellent. Sometimes, change is everything we want. Its funny how things appear the same every passing day but when we look back, many things have changed! To perform a Greek drama we need three things; they are audience, performers and something to perform. I must exclaim that it is the same with modern theatre. All the three elements are required today also. So does it means nothing has changed in past twenty five hundred years? I don’t think so. From presentation of a particular subject to the elitism in the drama, everything has changed over period of time.
I choose to write about the transformation in status of women from Greek drama to Victorian Era because it is a form of triumph. Along with progress in field of science and technology, the inevitable revolution in the field of literature shouldn’t be disregarded. In Prometheus Bound, the character of Io is very destitute and desolated. Where as, Mrs. Erlynne is portrayed as an autonomous and liberated woman. It’s not the drama that has strained the writers to inscribe particular response for the…
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