Lael Pagano. Professor Crews. Eng 205: Literature Of The

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Lael Pagano
Professor Crews
ENG 205: Literature of the Western World
25 February 2017

A Profile on the Blind Sinner How can one commit a life that’s dedicated to self-righteousness, incest, and murder? Scripture reveals that sinners’ “hearts” become “insensitive” to their evil deeds as “their ears” grow “dull and their eyes dim” (New American Standard Bible, Isa. 6:10). A sinner blinded by his own thinking and intellect is unaware of certain consequences and his instability until he’s convicted. Like Oedipus, his luxurious life as king of Thebes contributed to his hardheaded, pompous character, as well as his cursed destiny. In his tragedy, “Oedipus the King” (430 B.C.), Sophocles uses Oedipus’ stubborn personality to illustrate the
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2:14). Similarly, Tiresias steps in to symbolize the “knowledge of sin” and its consequences that through his power to utter truth, he convicts Oedipus of his wickedness by saying his own “luck is what destroyed” him (Rom. 3:20; Sophocles, 35). Still, Oedipus’ stubborn heart sticks to what he believes is true, that he is wise, gifted, and worthy of all he’s received. Thus, his sinfulness manipulated him to “believe what is false”, and deny what is true (2 Thess. 2:11). Oedipus is quick to blame others for the murder of Laios, instead of examining himself, as sinners blame others for problems. Once he learns of the murderer, he is persistent to unmask the suspect of the crime, yet overlooks his own decree that he’s “a stranger both to the crime and to accounts of it” (Sophocles, 21). Oedipus appears most concerned about discovering the killer than he’s aware of the acts he committed beforehand. Hence, he fails to recognize his faults, due to his “impurity”; also, as a king of high praise, Oedipus has never been accused of anything, including murder (Rom. 1:24). Sudden offence hits Oedipus; putting blame on Kreon made sense in “his own” sinful “nature”, despite his oblivion (John 8:44). Kreon is also offended, not by what Oedipus has done, but by the accusation Oedipus made against him. Kreon strikes as a man of
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