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Table of Contents Task One 2 1.1 Strategic context of Lafarge Tarmac 2 Introduction 2 Visions, Objectives and Goals of the company 2 1.2 Issues in Strategic Planning at Lafarge Tarmac 3 1.3 Planning Techniques in context with Lafarge Tarmac 4 Directional Policy Matrix 4 Space Matrix 5 Task 6 2.1 Organizational Audit for Lafarge Tarmac 6 Benchmarking Audit 6 SWOT Analysis 6 Value Chain Analysis 6 Scenario Planning 7 Strategic Positioning of Lafarge Tarmac 7 2.2 Environmental Audit for Lafarge Tarmac 8 PESTLE 8 Porter’s Five Forces Model 9 2.3 Stakeholders Analysis 9 Task 3 10 3.1 Alternate Strategies for limited growth, Substantive Growth or retrenchment for Lafarge Tarmac 11 Strategy for Limited Growth 11 Strategy for Substantive Growth…show more content…
If under any case the harmful situation arises the workforce of the company is always willing to tackle it and do not walk by under any circumstances. The other objective of the company is to protect the environment, the basic vision of the companies for this is to operate in such a way that the environment get least affected due to the operations of the company. The company tries to prevent pollution during the construction activities and improvement in the field by any means. In case the company needs to be defined in one word Lafarge Tarmac will be known as the sustainable and sustainability is what they operate for as per the objectives of the company (, 2014). 1.2 Issues in Strategic Planning at Lafarge Tarmac Planning is the basic duty of the manager as no activity can be done without doing a proper planning. However there are some issues for the managers during the planning processes and setting up the targets of the organization (James, n.d.). The targets for the Lafarge Tarmac are very different from any other construction company in the United Kingdom as unlike Lafarge Tarmac almost 80 percent of the construction companies just do their tasks and do not take the safety and environment as their responsibility at all. During the strategic planning of the Lafarge Tarmac the environment of the operative area is analyzed very thoroughly and plans are made according to the results. Being a construction solution provider it is also a

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