Lafayette And Pharaoh Book Report

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This story is talking about the lives of family that is living in Chicago, and it talks about the difficulty this family was going through. Generally speaking, this story focused on the children and the environment they are living in. They were live in an inappropriate, unsuitable, and miserable condition they have experienced and their own struggle over theirs concerns on multiple and basic good standard for living that one can take it for granted, these concerns are gangs, drugs, and insecurity. This story has two main characters which are Lafayette and Pharaoh.
In the personal level, this book touches my heart because I personal went through a tough childhood that is similar to these condition and gladly my parent were really aware of the importance education and having a good friend. We Were in a house and we are almost fifteen people and that includes the family of my father who was at that time the
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My father was working at age 12 and he never stop encouraging me to continue my education because he thinks education is a key that one has to have. So if you compare this to what happened with Pharaoh who inspire of the difficulties surrounding him, he went far then the normal zone by insisting on continuing on his education. This was cleaver, smart, and amazing movement by this guy, because he knows the necessity of education and how would manifest his life and change it for the better. For anyone who argue that education is just a waste of time is simply preposterous, because it is the key who can let overcome the numerous challenges that the future will hold. This reminded me that regardless of the circumstances you are going through there always would be a way out and never ever stop educating yourself. Obama once said “ignorant is not a virtue” and that is exactly
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