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Lafleur Trading Company Selected Service Request Analysis University of Phoenix CIS/207 Lafleur Trading Company Selected Service Request Analysis These days, being a long-established business is not enough for success. Look at companies like Hewlett-Packard, Research In Motion, and Blockbuster Video. These companies failed in the task of collecting data, analyzing that data, and making intelligent decisions based on that data and now they are either slowly failing, losing market share, or, in Blockbuster’s case, already declared bankruptcy and doing whatever it can to stay in business. Lafleur Trading Company is currently at a crossroads in its efforts to stay viable in its market. Outdating network infrastructure and non-existent…show more content…
This interconnection may include word processing, scientific computation, process control, or maybe general-purpose departments that perform many tasks. Interconnection allows users to exchange information (data) with other network members. It also allows resource sharing of expensive equipment such as file servers and high quality graphic printers, or access to more powerful computers for tasks too complicated for the local computer such as data warehousing and business intelligence processes. The problem with Lafleur Trading Company exists because they lack these basic needs to have a healthy communication between any departments. They lack in the major component of networking, which is data transfers or exchanging information. Let’s take a closer look at the company’s LAN. The company LAN is designed in what is known as a bus topology. Karl Falls describes a Bus topology as such: “A Bus topology refers to a single cable that connects all the workstations, servers, printers and other devices on the network. The cable runs from device to device by using tee connectors that plug into the network adapter cards. Each end device has a terminator on one end of the tee and a cable going out to the next device on the other end, while all devices in the middle have one cable coming in and one going out. The terminators on each end device simply stop the network signal from reflecting back into the cable and colliding with other transmissions.” The most

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