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Module 8 – Chapter 18: Langan Essay Assignment

Instructions: Read the essay below. Then outline and explain the method of introduction. Write out the thesis statement and topic sentences and list the three major points that fit under each topic sentence. Give two examples of transitional sentences.

Peer Pressure

We often hear about the dangers of peer pressure to teenagers. Teenagers take drugs, skip school, get drunk, or have sex because their friends do these things. However, there is another—perhaps equally bad—effect of peer pressure. Desperate to conform to their friends’ values, teens may give up their interests in school, in hobbies, and even in certain people.

Teenagers may, first of all, lose or hide their interest
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Finally, teenagers sometimes give up the people they love in order to be accepted. If necessary, they sacrifice the old friend who no longer dresses well enough, listens to the right kind of music, or refuses to drink or take drugs. Potential boyfriends and girlfriends may be rejected, too, if the crowd doesn’t like their looks or values. Sadly, teenagers can even cut their families out of their lives. They may be ashamed of the parents who are too poor, too conventional, too different from friends’ parents. Even if the teens are not completely ashamed of their parents, they may still refuse to participate in family get-togethers or spend time with younger brothers or sisters.

It is true that many teenagers face the pressures of being forced to take drugs, to perform dangerous stunts, to do risky things. But a more common and perhaps more painful pressure is to conform to the crowd by giving up part of oneself. Attachments to learning, to special interests, and to special people are often thrown away just to “be one of the guys.”


We often hear about the dangers of peer pressure to teenagers

1. Lose or hide their interest in school.
2. Give up private pleasure and hobbies.
3. Give up the people they love

*Method of Instruction

Broad statement

*Thesis statement

Desperate to conform to their friends'
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