Lago High School Green Club

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Ever since I was young, I’ve always wanted to change the world. I suppose I got this notion by watching superhero shows as a kid. However, unlike the heroes on television, I didn’t have any powers; therefore, I had to think of a new way to change the world. Thus, I came up with the idea of recycling. Annually, we dump over two billion tons of waste into landfills. The waste from these landfills contributes to environmental problems. Consequently, we can’t go a day without recycling, or we risk the chance of destroying the Earth through accumulation of pollution. Unfortunately, recycling is taken too lightly; that’s why I’ve made it my mission to inform my community of the necessity of recycling.
In order to promote the need to recycle, the first step I took was joining a group that shares the same goal as I; thus, I’m a proud member of Largo High School’s Green Club. We place recycling bins throughout the school for people to recycle their paper and plastic. With intentions of making the school a
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The Green Initiative is a program that I introduced into Largo High School’s Green Club; its mission is to provide students with the necessary preparation they need to conserve natural resources. We made posters that attracted ten new members and persuaded the principal to participate in our mission. She made it possible for us to not only recycle, but also clean and repaint the storm drains around the school. The storm drains gradually build up harmful substances within them such as oils and fertilizers. Therefore, the Green Club decided to clean around the storm drains to help the flow of water. Furthermore, the club members decided to paint “Do Not Litter” on the front of the storm drains to remain students to keep the school clean. I took pride in this, for we were able to improve the quality of the storm drain while also improving the presentation of the
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