Laguardia Case Study Essay

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Sir/Ma’am, as asked I have looked into the possibility of Southwest Airlines obtaining the open slots at LaGuardia Airport in New York City. As you are aware, ATA Airlines Inc. had ceased operations making sixteen slots available at LaGuardia. Southwest Airlines have been exploring North-East markets and obtaining the open slots at LaGuardia would provide the opportunity Southwest needs to do so. There are disadvantages to obtaining these slots though. LaGuardia is one of the busiest, most congested airports in the United States. This could cause Southwest to delay flights due to an extended turn over time. A standing policy of Southwest Airlines is that it is always on time, this could adversely affect this policy. Another issue that could arise is LaGuardia is notorious for poor customer service, this goes against the “customer first” policy. In addition, New York City is a place of high wages and high costs of doing business. With the current recession, this could be…show more content…
It would allow Southwest to continue to grow, growth in revenue. Included in the growth would be increasing the customer base by connection to new destinations. It would allow Southwest Airlines loyal customers to meet the demand on new forecast. Southwest Airlines have a previous code sharing agreements with ATA Airlines and have operational insights. There are long term employees who are ready to work in New York and the availability of aircraft by 2009. This will also give Southwest entry into the North-East region that it has been looking for. Southwest will be able to go coast-to-coast. Southwest will take a large step forward operating round trip flights, seven days a week in the largest city in the United States. Southwest will also enter New York with a larger route network than competitors such as JetBlue Airways Corp., which is an airline that promotes many of the services like low ticket
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