Laila And Rasheed: Summary

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Laila awakens in Rasheed's and Mariam's house. They took care of her as she healed. Giving her shelter, foos and medince. After a few days, A man comes and brings news that Tariq had been hospitalized and then died. Laila feels devastated again.
As Rasheed's daily behavior changes, Mariam believes that Rasheed is courting Laila. Mariam asks Laila if she would accept Rasheed’s hand in marriage, and Laila answers yes. She is pregnant and wants Rasheed to think that the baby is his. Laila and Rasheed marry, and tension arises between Mariam and Laila. Rasheed puts Laila on a pedestal and makes fun of Mariam in order to impress Laila. His once beautiful young wife mariam, is now nothing more than a maid to him.
Once Laila announced that she was
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