Laine Sterbenz, A Student From The University Of Kentucky

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Laine Sterbenz, a student from the University of Kentucky and popular blogger on Odyssey, concludes that skinny models give girls and women motivation to live healthier lifestyles in a way no other body type could. In her post, she argues that models have that skinny body that is desired by every girl, the ideal to work to attain. She then continues into saying that if overweight models were to be used, or even average sized ones, then women wouldn’t actually have the motivation to want to eat better and live a healthier life, because they would already be satisfied with how they look. While Sterbenz brings up valid points, she weakens the argument by contradicting her own statements, and unwittingly promoting unhealthy eating habits and…show more content…
She herself even says “although some models may not live the healthy lifestyle, all models have the healthy body and skinny body shape that every girl wants” (Sterbenz), which blatantly implies that it is fine to expose yourself to an unhealthy living style, like models do, just so you can attain that “ideal” body. It is estimated that “around 31.2% of models have or have had an eating disorder, and around 48.7% do “fasts”, cleanses or otherwise restrict their food intake over short periods to lose weight” (The Model Alliance). So, if these so called “ideals” when it comes to body image go to such extremes in order to attain, or maintain, their slim bodies, what kind of message does it send to women to say they should emulate them? In defense of her stance, Sterbenz asks, in a sort of sarcastic way, if skinny models are “really damaging our society,” to which the response is clearly yes, as represented by the fact that in just “three years’ exposure to Western imagery, the island of Becker’s percentage of teens who made themselves throw up to control their weight had risen from zero to more than 11 percent” (Barclay). This is an astonishing, and frankly disturbing feat, which truly shows the power these images have over people. In any case, as opposed to other body types, skinny models provide unrealistic ideals and lowers the self-esteem of young girls and women. When advertising utilizes skinny models, it sets these

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