Laissez Faire Leadership Is A Hands Off Style Essay

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Topic Introduction Laissez-faire leadership is a hands-off style characterized by leaders who give the least amount of guidance to their subordinates as possible. These leaders believe that people are at their most creative and efficient when a leader focuses their energy into facilitating an environment where distractions from the outside are mitigated and trust is placed in the employee to solve their problems in the best ways imaginable. The main focus of Inju Yang’s conceptual exploration of laissez-faire leadership is that “subordinates appreciate being left alone to manage their own affairs.” Furthermore, “A hands-off approach by a leader can allow employees to feel respected and autonomous” (Yang, p. 1247). Yang stresses, however that this style can be as extremely harmful to a team if not composed of the right people with positive attitudes who are familiar with their job. Laissez-faire leadership requires a high level of motivation in subordinates, as the ability to shirk responsibilities is heightened greatly by a leader who does not poke in frequently to ask questions, lay eyes on employees, and demand regular status updates. Giving little guidance to employees does not mean a leader can avoid “keeping an eye” on the team to watch for people who do not seem to be carrying their load or to watch for budding interpersonal conflicts on the team. It must also be expected that non-formal types of leadership will emerge on the team, and the leader must be vigilant
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