Lake Atitl The Mayan Religion In Latin America

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The currency of Guatemala is Quetzal and the Quetzal is the national bird.
Guatemala has the record for the second most ozone concentration.
About fourteen percent of Guatemalans live off of one dollar and twenty five cents in U.S. dollars.
If you like seeing lava go to the Pacaya Volcanoes.
Lake Atitlan is often called the deepest lake in Central America.

The biggest religion in Guatemala is Mayan Spirituality .
In these temples the Mayan people worship Nature Gods like the Gods of Sun, Rain, and Corn. They believed in human sacrifice and building large stone temples. Today there are no human sacrifices luckily but the Guatemalan people mixed it with Roman Catholicism. Mayan religion was a major topic till December 21st 2012 when the world was supposed to end.
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Lake Atitlan is the deepest lake in Latin America which means countries like Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. The lake has many hotels and right now they are $49 dollars on average. If you are reading this why don’t you go and buy those rooms now in a nice relaxing getaway. Enjoy your trip to the beautiful Lake
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