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Jazmine Banks
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In the United States, the political system is dominated by two parties, democrats and republicans. These organizations promote an idea and policy to win electrons. Over time these two parties’ ideology switched rolls and changed. This paper will explain how they differ and favor one another. It will also explain how they have changed over time. In July of 1854, the Republican Party was formed. This group was created by a group of men who belonged to various splinter parties (PBS.).” These founders had opposed slavery, which made many of the republicans were liberal. Within the Republican Party came “former whigs and former free soil democrats to form majorities in nearly every Northern state.” In 1860 when Abraham Lincoln, republican candidate, became the president, slavery was abolished. Then as time had progressed and the 1900s came strolling in, republicans “embraced social conservatism (Wiki).” Where the democrats became more so liberal. President Franklin E. Roosevelt came along and presented the New Deal. This drew in many of the new democratic party. The New Deal became the response of the Great Depression. Many of the conservative republicans did not favor this deal because Roosevelt was spending a lot more money than the amount of taxes coming in, which put them in a disadvantage. “Republicans also had complained that the New Deal…
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