Lake Mead Persuasive Speech

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[Attention Getter ] When I first came to Las Vegas in the summer of 2003, we visited the Lake Mead very often and knowing now of how much lower the water has gotten over the years has been quite shocking to me.
[Audience Justification / Relevance] Since I been living in Las Vegas for about 15 years now, I’ve noticed how much the drought has affected us here.
[Thesis Statement] Lake Mead has suffered a drought for more than 15 years, causing Nevada residents to cut back on water usage.
[Preview of Main Points] That being said, I would like to inform you about what is causing the drought in Lake Mead, how it’s affecting Nevada residents and ways that we been trying to improve the situation.
I. [First Main Point] Low rain fall
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For example, according to the article “Drought Lowers Lake Mead” by Jesse Allen.[Source citation ] there will be restrictions on watering your plants and washing your cars.
1. In the event that the water level drops below 1,125 feet, the Nevada residents will have to go into a drought emergency effect.
B. As another way to improve the water usage, there had to be a change in the recreational services.
1. For example, The Lake Mead Marina had to be moved, in order to help lower the water levels according to “Drought Lowers Lake Mead” by Jesse Allens. [Source citation ]
[Review of Main Points] In Conclusion the cause of the Lake Mead Drought, how is was affecting Nevada residents and ways we tried to improve the situation were the main things happening with the Lake Mead Drought. [Relevance to Audience] I hope you get a better understanding of the reasons why Nevada residents had to become stricter throughout the years on taking care of the way they use their water.

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