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Discussion What are the main duties of each of the positions that comprise Abernethy and Chapman’s engagement team? Abernethy and Chapman’s engagement team comprises of a partner-in-charge, a manager, a senior auditor, and one or more staff auditors. The partner-in-charge leads the engagement team and is responsible for all final decisions made while conducting the audit. The manager, senior auditor, and staff auditors are to perform the actual audit examination. The engagement team’s responsibility is to complete the audit with competency and objectivity. What is the purpose of having both a partner-in-charge and a consulting partner on each audit engagement? Should the partners be rotated periodically? Why or why not? The…show more content…
In the accounting world, one’s qualifications, expertise, and reputations are extremely important aspects and should all be taken into consideration when choosing a firm. Larger (often National or international) CPA firms have acquired many smaller firms. Why might a large organization consider purchasing an accounting firm such as Abernethy and Chapman? Why might Abernethy and Chapman agree to be acquired? Are such mergers good for the auditing profession, generally speaking? Abernethy and Chapman are desirable because they have a steady clientele and continue to generate revenues leaving them with a net income that is favorable. Often companies will merge with another company in an effort to avoid bankruptcy, consolidate services, or expand. Over the years, we’ve seen many big-name firms merge with others. Acquisitions and mergers are becoming a trend due to the number of partner retirements and the lack of succession plans. (Sinkin and Putney, 2013) Firms such as Abernethy and Chapman might agree to an acquisition because it is often the most cost-effective way for them to increase cash flow and continue to be successful. Mergers can either be a success or a failure. When you merge organizations, you are also merging personalities which can often lead to conflict; however, merging the different levels of expertise could be beneficial to a firm. Ultimately, I believe that merging firms will create

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