Lakewood Bakery

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We stand in opposition to the resolution resolved: freedom of religion protections should not extend to the policies of corporations and businesses. For our case we would like the word corporations to mean “a large business or organization that under the law has the rights and duties of an individual and follows a specific purpose”(Merriam Webster). We would also like the word business to be “the activity of making, buying, or selling goods or providing services in exchange for money”(Merriam Webster). We would like freedom of religion to be the ability to choose what religion to follow. The debate today should be based on which team can show the greatest equality. Contention 1 - The rights of private institutions would be devastated if they did not have religious freedoms.…show more content…
Jack Phillips had a religious conviction to not serve the gay couple, but was not allowed to practice his religion. Making it illegal for corporations and business to practice religious freedom also limits the beliefs of the employees in those businesses. Lakewood bakery is a small privately owned bakery, and its owner should be able to practice his religion while he owns his business. Cutting off religious freedom limits the rights of people like Jack Phillips. Although Jack Phillips is not the only example. Consider for example Kim Davis who was forced to deny her own religious freedom and grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples or force loosing her own job. According to NBC News “The Kentucky clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples”. Kim Davis should not be jailed for practicing her religion, because freedom of religion is a first amendment
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