Lakota Hills Essay

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Case 2 – Lakota Hills
Challenges and advantages of developing a specialty food business:
The specialty food business can be rewarding and exciting, but it can also be a real struggle. Specialty foods can range from salad dressing to chocolate sauce to fragrant breads. If you can make it, you can sell it--provided you know how. The specialty food business is more about marketing than cooking, getting your product on the shelves and then off again into customers' shopping carts.
You can look at it in two ways, when some people go grocery shopping; they want not just a can of soup but something special. But other hand in an age when very few have the time to stay home and bake cookies, put up preserves or pickles, or spend hours over
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Yes, their current strategy will work in the initial stages to grow into a profitable business. Like targeting specialty stores, chain supermarkets and targeting retail segment with consumer educational plan.
How might they integrate other channels into their overall selling model?
Marketing is the key for specialty food business. With the right amount of advertising and educating the consumers about the products, Lakota hills will be able to convince other channels too like food brokers and self distributing retailers.
They should still continue to target specialty stores, arts and crafts festivals, farmers' markets, events to reach more consumers and first time buyers. And they should also start mail orders, individual mail orders and online sales. If they choose the mail order route, Lakota Hills should develop their own mailing list by having everyone who purchases their products or show interest to purchase at flea markets, festivals or other events sign a guest book with address lines. Another option is to place small magazine ads so customers can order products by mail.
How will Lakota Hills make money?
By increasing the fry bread sales.
They should start considering
Adding new line of related Native American products
Creating online presence and sales
Providing recipes to the consumers
They should work towards creating
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