Lakota Sioux : Themes Of Conflicts In Saga Of The Sioux

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Over 33% of the Lakota Sioux tribes homes in Pine Ridge have no electricity or running water. These Native Americans are living in poverty. The book Saga of The Sioux explains to us how these Indians ended up in this position. Author gives us developed themes throughout the story. He gives us more information on the harsh conflicts the Indians have gone through, and how it has only gotten worse for them. The two major conflicts of Saga of the Sioux are man versus society and man versus nature. “...the Arapaho watched from the nearby hills, the soldiers tore down all the lodges in the village,” this quote gives us an example of how the bluecoats treated the Native Americans. It shows that they weren’t even fighting back. They watched their homes being destroyed and couldn’t protect it. They had already been moved so much, they mounted their horses and left. “Reforming was the word used to describe the effort to make all Indians adopt a civilized lifestyle.” Reforming had occurred all throughout the entire book. The soldiers, government, and settlers thought that these Indians had to live like they did. They wanted them all to convert to Christianity and live how these people wanted them to. They wanted them to abandon their own beliefs. “En route he [Big Foot] fell ill with pneumonia.” this is an example of how nature had been against them. Big Foot’s lungs had started bleeding and he soon died in the crossfire at Wounded Knee. He was barely able to move on his own, which

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