Lakota Sioux Tribe : The Lakota Tribe

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The Lakota Sioux primarily located in North and South Dakota “are one of three main subdivisions of the Great Sioux Nation” (“Lakota”, n.d). Prior to the 1900’s, “The Lakota tribe consist of seven bands that lived throughout the Great Plains, the largest and most famous of being the Oglala Sioux Tribe” (“Lakota”, n.d.). In the late 1800’s the Lakota were relocated to several reservations, with the majority of the tribe living on the Pine Ridge Reservation and the Rosebud Reservation. In addition, to an abundant amount of Lakota located in Montana and Canada (“Lakota Indians”, n.d.). Initially, their dialect was the Lakota language which was once spoken by the entire Lakota tribe, now reduced to less than half of the Lakota Indians, with the primary dialect of English now. Some important phrases listed on the Omniglot website are listed in the chart below. There are many aspects to the Lakota culture, some that were essential for survival and some that they have adapted over time to maintain their culture and heritage. First, buffalo herding, essential to the Lakota survival supplied the tribe with food, shelter, and clothing. Figure 1 is a picture of a buffalo herd in Custard State park taken in 2010. Prior to the Lakota living on the reservation, they would follow the buffalo herds migration patterns. In addition, family was another important part of the Lakota culture. Men were allowed to have more than one wife to ensure the safety of the family tipi. Children were a
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