Lakota Woman Essay

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Lakota Woman Mary was born with the name Mary Brave Bird. She was a Sioux from the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. She belonged to the "Burned Thigh," the Brule Tribe, the Sicangu. The Brules are part of the Seven Sacred Campfires, the seven tribes of the Western Sioux known collectively as the Lakota. The Brule rode horses and were great warriors. Between 1870 and 1880 all Sioux were driven into reservations, fenced in and forced to give up everything. Her family settled in on the reservation in a small place called He-Dog. Her grandpa was a He-Dog and told about the Wounded Knee massacre. Almost three hundred Sioux men, women, and children were killed by white soldiers. Mary was called a iyeska, a breed which the white kids…show more content…
She hated her stepfather so much that she was barely home and always got in arguments with her mother, yelling at her for marrying such a bad man. Mary and her mother did not get along after her mom remarried so Mary drank and began to live like a hobo. There was nothing for the men to do back than besides drink so she couldn't really blame her mother for picking a man like that because that is how they all were. They just drank and drove around wasted. Mary was one of six kids, sister Kathie, brother Robert, sister Barbara (who she got along the best with), sister Sandra and then an adopted little brother. The adopted brother was very spoiled. Mary's mother had to find a job to help support the kids and when she was gone at work nobody was left to take care of them so their grandparents took care of them. Her grandma was born Louise Flood and her grandpa was Brave Bird. Her grandpa was killed when the horses which were pulling his wagon were startled by a lighting storm. The horses freaked out and caused the wagon to tip. Brave Bird got thrown out of the wagon and got tangled in the reins. The horses dragged him through the bush, over rocks, and over barbed-wire fence. When people found him he was dead. Her grandma ended up remarrying a man named Noble Moore. Noble Moore had a son named Bill who ended up marrying Mary's mom. Mary's mom had grown up and no longer was married to the
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