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How does Haddon’s portrayal of the relationship between Christopher and his world move us to a deeper understanding of acceptance? In your response make a detailed reference to your prescribed text. Break down Portrayal - how it is shown Relationship between Christopher and his world - how Christopher interacts with him world; his perceptions of people and the world and how we as the reader realise the world perceives him Acceptance - acceptance of Christopher and in a broader sense acceptance of being different Reword Basically, they want us to talk about how Haddon shows us the relationships Christopher develops with others and the world around him. And what we learn from these relationships. Planning…show more content…
One of the key examples in The curious incident of the dog in the night time, is demonstrated through the lack of physical interaction. This is revealed through the use of low modality language in the dialogue of Christopher’s father when he wants to physically connect with Christopher ‘Christopher, please’” The use of the word “please” demonstrates the want of affection displayed by Christopher’s father. The dialogue used by Haddon reinforces the idea of emotional and physical frustration due to lack of connection. Another demonstration of hardship faced is the sacrifices that parents must make in order to adapt to the needs of the individual’s with Aspergers. Haddon uses Christopher’s mother Judy Boone, to demonstrate the emotional sacrifices connected with raising Christopher. Haddon displays this through the use of a metaphor in “it broke my heart… would be better for all of us if I went”. The use of the word “broke” is used as a hyperbole to show the extreme sacrifices that Christopher’s parents must make in order to support him throughout his life. A great paragraph about caring for an child who has Aspergers. Some really good ideas and well expressed insights! However, you are still not linking to the essay question! It is through these negative interactions and experiences that the responder can understand and build knowledge of the idea of
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