Lame Lemon Luxury Rentals

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Hello Mr. Thompson, I Write to you in regards of a a Unsatisfactory experience with one of you subsidiary companies Lame Lemon Luxury Rentals. I am currently being charged $3,045 by Lame Lemon Luxury Rentals before I dispute the absurdity of these claims and before I delve into my complaints and frustrations, I acknowledge that you have no responsibility for my negative experience. The focus of my frustration it was a subsidiary of your multi-million dollar corporation, Metal Pedal national Inc, Lame Lemon Luxury Rentals. I also recommend you audit this subsidiary to ensure that they are up to the high standards, I am sure you hold your company. Now on to the focus of my complaint, Lame Lemon Luxury Rentals had given me and two of my friends a lemon car. The road trip from Niagara Falls to my birthplace New York City was one of the worst experiences in my life. Our troubles started when the convertible top of our vehicle would not close. My friends and I were trying to ensure that the interior of…show more content…
We were charged $745 for a new top monitor, even though they need a new on prior. We were charged $250 for the bloodstains from the wound I received from the faulty top. $35 for windshield wiper fluid, even though there was no windshield wiper fluid while we were in possession of the car and it costs less than $5 at the store. Finally we were charged $2,015 for the wheel, rims,and hood ornaments, that would have never gotten stolen if the cat was provided with the windshield wiper fluid it was supposed to have. To add insult to injury, when we tried explaining our situation to a Lame Lemon Luxury Rentals representative, the representative rudely said, "Oh, so you're the idiot who broke our Cadillac and got it stolen in New York. You better pay for this, or I'm gonna make you a bloodstain!". He didn't even let us speak and we were
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