Lamendola High School: A Short Story

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“Have a wonderful day at Lamendola Elementary!” our principal sang, as she signed off on the morning announcements. “And a wonderful lunch,” I added, reminding my classmates that today my sister and I would be fixing their lunch because we won the “Chefs for a Day” contest. But when we walked into the cafeteria to begin making our famous Sayler Family Spaghetti, the cafeteria manager stopped us. “The truck that usually delivers our supplies did not arrive today,” she explained. “Whaaaat?” I moaned. My determined sister placed her hands on her hips, stuck out her chin, and insisted, “It’s our day to make lunch and we’re going to do it!” “Delaney, how can we fix lunch without the ingredients we ordered?” I asked. “What can we make?”
“Don’t worry, Anderson. Our spaghetti is a simple recipe. We can be creative. Finding the things we need won’t be hard,” she said confidently. So while Delaney searched for tomato sauce, she sent me to the pantry to find spaghetti and Italian bread. I ran to the pantry, shoved the sliding doors, and scanned the walls of cans and brown boxes in front of me. I couldn’t find spaghetti, but I grabbed all the plain white bread I could carry and trudged back to the kitchen. “How many
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. . there’s always good old PB&J,” I offered. “Peanut butter and jelly isn’t a special meal,” Delaney scoffed. “It’s the best we’ve got for now. At least we have the bread,” I smiled, pointing to my large pile of loaves. “Okay. New plan,” she announced. “Go beg the cafeteria ladies for all the peanut butter they’ve got. I’ll rummage through the walk-in refrigerator and hunt for grape jelly. Meet me in the kitchen in five minutes. Got it? Run!” “Yep!” I replied, bolting out the door. Unfortunately, there was just one little detail we didn’t think about- peanut allergies. Our school was not allowed to serve peanut butter. When the cafeteria lady reminded me, I fizzled like a day-old balloon. What now? I wondered sadly, as I ran to tell Delaney the bad
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