Lan – Lan Stands For Local Area Network And It Supplies

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LAN – LAN stands for Local Area Network and it supplies connections for the use of Computers, printers, games and other applications most of the local area network is built in with a fairly cheap hardware such as Ethernet network adapters. WAN – WAN stands for wide area network which supplies the network thorough a larger company worldwide there is a reason why WAN networks is so easily can connect with LAN which is a small network. The largest in internet network is WWW which also stands for World Wide Web.

MAN – MAN stands for metropolitan area network this is a data network which I spread around towns or city

PAN - PAN stands for personal area Network which is similar to a local area network (LAN).


RING – A Ring
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For example, a tree network connected to a tree network is still a tree network. Therefore, a hybrid network accrues only when two basic networks are connected and the resulting network topology fails to meet one of the basic topology definitions. For example, two star networks connected together exhibit hybrid network topologies.
HUB – hub one of the hardware device used contains multiple independent parts that match the cable type of the networks that are being use twisted cabling to connect devices. It is known as wired network because it is all connected through the wires.
Switch – switch is a device used to connect to the Ethernet cables which help connect to sever route so you may be able to use the internet or token ring where all computer is connected to each other then that’s when the switch comes in to use the internet.
NIC (Network Interface card) – network interface card is a hardware card which is inside the computer or shall I say the server so you can communicate on a network. The network adapter is the one providing one or more ports for the network cable.
Routers – routers are used to create a larger network by joining two segments such as SOHO. With the routers you may not find a WIFI to use the internet without you may not even use the World Wide Web the routers itself has the task of forwarding data packets as their destination by the most efficient way route.
IP – IP stands for internet Protocol it’s a method which helps you send a data
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