Lance Armstrong Role Model In Sport

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One of the most well known former cyclist in the world is a man named Lance Armstrong. Armstrong was a very good cyclist and won many titles. He was deserved to be well known because of all of the wins that he had in his sport. It is a really big privilege for cyclist to win a Tour De France race, but Armstrong took that to a new level. Armstrong was diagnosed with what was should have been a fatal cancer that he beat. After the cancer was gone, he won seven Tour De France races, and not only that, but they were all seven years in a row! Armstrong was such an inspiration for many people because of his spectacular story. He became the role model of many athletes to never give up to be amazing at something, no matter what comes in the way…show more content…
What happens when they find out that the athlete takes performance enhancing drugs? The high schooler spent their whole life trying to be like that professional, and they now have a choice. Do they decide to view his as a poor sports player who made a bad decision, or do they start to think about taking steroids themselves? The professional got there somehow, so maybe if the high schooler takes steroids, they can become a professional sports player themselves. Unfortunately nowadays, many high schoolers will end up doing the steroids. The professional sport player does not even have to be their role model to take the steroids. Just by hearing about an athlete who is successful and takes steroids can be a trigger for the amature athlete to take steroids. In fact, fifty-seven percent of high schoolers who take steroids do it because of the influence of professional athletes (Jacqueline). High schoolers see how successful the sports players are that take steroids like Lance Armstrong and Alex Rodriguez. Two very well known sports figures who were amazing at what they did because they took steroids. A quote by Jim Sensenbrenner, a congressman for Wisconsin, says it perfectly: “Several professional athletes have wrongly taught many young Americans by example that the only way to succeed in sports is to take steroids” (qtd in “Steroids Quotes”). Steroids are not the way to go when wanting to be the best at a sport. Working hard and giving it all is just as good as consuming
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