Lancer Gallery Analysis Essay

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Jenny Lapushner
Marketing Strategy
Case 1: Lancer Gallery

Article Summary:
Lancer Gallery LLC is a company that has specialized itself has as a reputable dealer in authentic artifacts from Southwestern United States, South American and African. Their reputation over the past several decades increasingly grew amongst the public through various pieces they placed for sale, as they were carefully verified for authenticity. Eventually, Lancer Gallery was able to expand their product lines to include replicas that were created by craftspeople who crafted them similarly to the original. Despite, the new product line, replicas contributed to a small portion of the business. Financially, Lancer’s gross sales are roughly $35 million,
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Lancer would have to triple its replica production
Clearly the terms and the offer overall, if accepted, would change the direction of the company and the vision of the business. According to the president of Lancer there were both upsides and downsides. He claimed that the $4 million would add to the sale number and increase the growth of the company, increasing revenue erosion. However, the business model would shift to replicas, which was not what Lancer was known for to its dealers and customers.

Question 1: What is Lancer’s distinctive competency?
Lancer has made its reputation and profit by specializing in procurement; specifically, in a wide variety of South American and African artifacts. In fact, this specialization, has allowed them to expand its product line a few times since the 1900s. Moreover, the competency in procurement has made them recognizable to dealers, customers, and mass merchandisers (who are interested in partnering with them in distribution deals).
Question 2: What is Lancer’s relationship with existing dealers?
Currently Lancer seems to have had a solid relationship with their dealers, from a credibility perspective. Over a period of time, they have built their reputation by providing authentic products, due to their core competency – procurement. One can argue that the increase of competitors, has also added a strain to the relationship with distributors because of the battle for business.
Question 3: Under what
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