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The Complexity of the Kidney Land, E. Kaplan University SC235: General Biology 1: Human Perspectives Prof Lisa Nelson The Complexity of the Kidney Kidneys are complex organs that are very important when it comes to the many functions to help maintain the health of the body. This includes the maturation of the red blood cells, regulation of blood pressure as well as secretion of hormones. The Secondary functions of the filtration effect the controlling of the acid base balance in the body, and maintaining bone health ( Kidney structure include the renal corpuscle that filters the blood, passing of urine, and different tubules (comprised of a dowman’s capsule and glomerulus). The renal corpuscle are made of…show more content…
In addition the nephron is divided into several segments. The Henie cell includes a special transporter called sodium-potassium-2, chloride contransporter (nkcc) that allows the kidney to produce urine ( The distal tubule cell help contain thiazide-sensitive sodium filtered by the kidney on a daily basis, and the collecting duct that have two cells responsible for acid base hemostasis. The alpha intercalated cell controls the excess of secretion and reabsorbing base (form of bicarbonates) and the beta intercalated cell which includes the same function ( Every day the kidney’s filter on an average of about 120 to 150 quarts of blood that produces 1 to 2 quarts of urine that has extra fluid and waste. The importance of the kidney is to keep the blood stable so the body can function properly. The fluids that are removed from the body help prevent blood cells and large molecules (proteins) from passing. Once filtered it can pass through the tubule that sends minerals back into the blood stream to remove waste ( If the kidney functions properly it regulates the retention of fluids in the body. It balances the chemicals like potassium for the heart and muscle function. It can also maintain acid balance and proteins. Hormones in the kidney stimulate activity in the body, renin erythropoietin, and a form of vitamin D. Renin helps to control blood pressure. The kidney also releases the erythropoietin to help

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