Land O Lakes Marketing Strategy

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Land O Lakes
Amber Johnson
Marketing 421
Christopher Boucher
December 2, 2010

Marketing In business, it is essential for management to understand the role and importance of marketing to his or her organization. Management utilizes marketing tools to satisfy the needs of customers, and to gain a better understanding of the product itself. The goal of this paper is to discuss and analyze the distribution practices of Land O Lakes butter. In review of the distribution practices, I will also attempt to show the importance of knowing and understanding the product you are marketing.
Distribution Strategies A distribution strategy is in relation to how a company will distribute the product or services they are offering to
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In retail, an example would be in department stores; a salesperson can push or recommend a particular product. Pull marketing refers to an attempt to get the consumer to come and see what product or service your organization is offering. The consumer is enticed so to speak, by the promotions and advertising being presented. Land O Lakes used the pull method of marketing to promote the new butter spread with olive oil, with a commercial of an Olive painted with cow markings, and created the “Colive”. The promotion included a free coupon to try the spread.
Wheel of Retailing Wheels of retailing is a hypothesis of M.P.McNair that explains the patterns of change in retailing. It is new types of retailers who cut prices by lowering or eliminating customer services, once established, the retailer increases prices and customer services. During this process the retailer becomes vulnerable to the next low priced retailer.
Types of Wholesalers The U.S. Bureau of the Census defines wholesalers as: The activities of those persons or establishments which sell to retailers and other merchants, and or to industrial, institutional, and commercial users, but who do not sell in large amounts to final consumers. It is important for marketing managers to understand the role of the wholesaler. There are ten types of wholesalers. The merchant wholesaler owns the products he or she is selling. The general merchandise wholesalers are

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