Land Of The Fearful Or Home Essay

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Land of the Fearful or Home of the Brave? Monsters are everywhere. From the beginning of time to our modern- day society, atrocious beasts have emerged in several shapes and sizes. One common characteristic monsters possess is the ability to create and instill fear in the hearts and minds of its victims. Today, many groups of people fit the bill for the latter characteristic such as serial killers, rapists, and most importantly terrorists. Terrorists have the capacity, in one sudden, violent moment, to shock and frighten an entire country. 9/11 is a horrifying, prime example of an act of terrorism in America that has created a ripple effect of terror within the nation. In a span of a couple hours on ordinary Tuesday morning, 3,000 innocent lives were lost, billions of money gone down the drain, and the sense of security and safety was nowhere to be found. America’s response to acts of terrorism that have targeted American citizens over the last many years has inadvertently perpetuated a lingering state of terror and anxiety in this country. The 21st century has been full of responses to terrorism in the specificity of security measures. In November of 2002, fourteen months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, The Department of Homeland Security was established as a response to the endangerment of the American people. According to, a research corporation that strives to promote security and safety through their answers to public policies, in their book called “The

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