Land: Renting and Tribunal

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Clark & Ors v Gandangara Local Aboriginal Land Council (Tenancy) [2011] NSWCTTT 526 (10 November 2011) CONSUMER, TRADER AND TENANCY TRIBUNAL Tenancy Division APPLICATIONS NOS:|RT 11/04274 (Clark)RT 11/04285 (Thatcher)RT 11/05207 (Nixon)RT 11/05549 (Howarth)RT 11/06433 (Campbell)RT 11/07932 (Beale)| APPLICANTS:|Synthia Maree ClarkAnn ThatcherRonald NixonRonald HowarthCecelia Ann CampbellPeter Michael Beale| RESPONDENTS:|Gandangara Local Aboriginal Land Council (“Gandangara”)| HEARING:|Liverpool on 31 October 2011| APPLICATION:|That the increased rent is excessive| APPEARANCES: |Carl Freer, solicitor, Tenants Union of NSW for the applicantAshley Stafford of counsel, instructed by Kathryn McDougall of Baker & McKenzie, solicitors…show more content…
12. Clegg case is the most recent and instructive dissertation on this vexed issue. The presiding judge, Justice Hoeben, referred to the previous case of Kilpatrick. There Foster J indicated that the obligations of the Tribunal are clearly satisfied if, in approaching the question of excessiveness, it has regard to matters in paragraphs (a) and following, in
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