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Land Rover North America, Inc. Case Analysis I. Executive Summary Charles Hughes, president and CEO of Land Rover North America (LRNA), and his executive committee want to expand LRNA's reach within North America. Based on the growing strength of the U.S. SUV market, research which suggests consumers are seeking vehicles that can help them have "experiences" while being practical, safe, reliable and luxurious, the success of the Discovery in the U.K. and near doubling of the Land Rover brand worldwide, LNRA is seeking to become the "world's premier 4x4 specialty company" through effective brand, product and retail strategies. LNRA's success hinges on making the correct positioning, marketing mix and retailing decisions. II.…show more content…
We would not recommend promotions such as the "Champagne Invitational Preview", direct mailings or newsletters, but we would advocate development of a site on the World Wide Web to reach a brand new audience. We would also advocate "Love of Product" seminars for staff and retail partners because we think individuals who believe in the product sell it best. Lastly, LRNA must determine if it should continue its use of a dealer network or convert these franchises into freestanding, exclusive retail outlets called Land Rover Centres. Though development of Land Rover Centre's across the nation seems like a risky move, especially in the face of declining luxury car sales and dealership consolidation, we wholeheartedly support it. Part of the lure of the Land Rover aura is the willingness to tread new territory, take risk and be revolutionary in leadership style. Land Rover Centre's will do just that. Land Rover Centre's will increase consumer exposure to the Land Rover family of vehicles and the Land Rover way of life in a friendly, stress-free environment. We want consumers to not only drive Land Rover vehicles, but to live the Land Rover lifestyle. We want Land Rover vehicles to expose consumers to the wealth of new experiences they are seeking. Centre development costs are high, but we believe the

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