Land Use ( & 7 )

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Land use (&7)
Catchment is important for fish, macroinvertebrate and algal biomass, biotic diversity, instream water quality, and instream nutrients. Removal of forest cover in catchments is land use impacts on streams. Urbanization and land use for intensive cropping and irrigated agriculture has negative impact on stream ecosystem health, where ecosystem health is defined in terms of ecological integrity. The capacity of the river or stream to maintain ecosystem structure and function. In urban areas, the increase in the catchment area covered agriculture, pumping etc so result of that changes in hydrology stream and declines in stream macro invertebrate diversity and loss of specific taxa. (&7) and Indicator and
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The ecosystem health indicators strongly influenced by land use.(&7)
The most impact of land use is sedimentation and water quality.
The deforestation, agriculture, resource extraction, urbanization, and infrastructure development have a greater influence on erosion rates and sediment transport in rivers which directly affect for climate change.
All these activities impact on sedimentation process of the River in different ways. Assessing these impacts comprehensively is important for more effective environmental management of the river drainage basin. The natural vegetation has been destroyed by humans and slope lands have been cultivated. Thus, erosion is extremely high, and suspended sediment load and concentration in river. The sedimentation, the level of riverbed has risen continuously and the water level at a given discharge so for maintain that scientist build artificial levees higher and higher. However, in the meantime, with the rapid development of agriculture and industry, water consumption has increased sharply, greatly reducing the river flow. Sediment deposition in river channel depends on the relationship between the ability of the stream flow to carry sediment and the river’s “load” i.e., on the amount of sediment supplied to the river from the drainage basin. Erosion and sediment control measures reduce the amount of sediment entering the river, resulting in a
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