Land Value Tax : It Is And What It Can Do For Idaho

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Land Value Tax: What it is and What it Can Do for Idaho
Taxation without representation was the main justification for the United States Declaration of Independence and subsequent war with Great Britain, and today many citizens believe they are fairly represented in government and thus equally fairly taxed. Unfortunately, economical taxation does not necessarily occur because citizens can choose their own representatives. When the issue does come up, many citizens think of the amount of taxation as the problem rather than the type of taxation; indeed, some do not even consider that there are different ways to tax besides the current tax system. There is a tax, however little known and little acknowledged, that will revolutionize the economy nationwide, even when implemented on a smaller state-by-state basis. In order to more efficiently and equitably tax citizens of the state, Idaho should replace its property and sales taxes with a simple, effective land value tax.
A land value tax is not complicated: it taxes land based on its unimproved value (“Center for the Study of Economics”). Under this system, any piece of land worth $5000 would be taxed the exact same amount as every other piece of land worth $5000. This computed worth of the land disregards any value added to the land by improvements, improvements meaning any buildings, businesses, landscaping, or personal property on the land that would increase the straight selling value. Also, the value of the land is not…

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