Land of the Free, Unless You Are a Tree

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Land of the Free, Unless You are a Tree America has always been a land of opportunity, where a man can cater to the market and make a fortune. None such example is better than the logging industry. In the book “A Walk in the Woods”, writer Bill Bryson examines the impact logging has on tree population of not only the Appalachian Trail (where the story takes place), but throughout the United States. He contributes a mass amount of the damage to the logging industry’s over logging and the mass deforesting to create the roads to the logging sites. As I read the book I became more and more interested in the effects of logging, so I made it my goal was to find to what extent the logging industry and National Forest Services have contributed to deforestation in the U.S. My first article was a research piece done by the University of Michigan posted in lecture format on the web. The most prevalent fixture in the piece was that “Since 1600, 90% of the virgin forests that once covered much of the lower 48 states have been cleared away.” (Global Deforestation) The writer contributes the mass amount of this clearing to the heavy logging and western expansion of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Although there has been recent movements of reforestation that has slowed the pace of logging, this article helped me see that the National Forest Service has seemingly been doing everything it can to not protect the national forests. I found my second article searching the ecology section

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