Landfill In America

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Everyday, each American creates 4.3 pounds of waste such as paper, cardboard, and much more; but where does it all go? As Americans, we go to the grocery shop. What do you use to carry your items? Your answer should be a reuseable bag. Sadly, the majority’s answer is plastic or paper bags. In addition, when the landfills are at capacity it is a health hazard to many. The overfilled waste causes an unhealthy environment to live in. People need to conserve more of their resources, or there will be several very negative side effects. According to The World Counts, when we don’t conserve all of our resources, the effect could be a desolate, dry Earth to live in. While we use an ample amount of water and other resources, we are also hurting our Earth. A fact from Katharina Conradin shows that our Earth’s water is 97% saltwater, 2.5% is freshwater in lakes and rivers, and 0.5% of the water on Earth is accessible to humans. This is showing how our resources are limited and we can’t waste what we have. A statement from Geography for Kids, states that, “What happens when you lose forests? Well, there's less timber. There's also a complete change in the ecosystem.” This quote shows that when people cut down the trees to use them for houses and excitera it causes a decrease in trees in the forest. Another…show more content…
For many years plastic has been choking sea animals and harming or killing them!! According to, IFL Science “The whale discovered in the Netherlands is only the fifth whale confirmed to have died from ingesting plastic.” According to BTN “Each day around 3 and a half million pieces of plastic wash into the sea. Once there, they can harm marine animals that mistake plastic for food or get tangled in it.” A fact from Plastic Oceans “8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean every year.” In conclusion, when we don’t recycle when we need to, our animals get injured or
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