Landfills: A Solution to Homelessness?

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There are a substantial amount of people that are without shelter, food, or employment, and there are numerous other people affected by poverty and homelessness. People living in nearly every city in the United States are affected by homelessness due to the large amounts of homeless individuals living on the streets and begging for money, food, and other necessities. The issue of homelessness has been a constant problem since the conquering of the New World, and soup kitchens and homeless shelters have not been able to fully end homelessness. Especially today, with a lack of affordable housing and high unemployment rates, homelessness is prevalent.
In order to keep homeless people off the streets and to keep them from panhandling, it is necessary for all homeless people to be transported to landfills. At these landfills across the United States, there are viable housing options, food supplies, and jobs for many homeless individuals. Landfills contain ample amounts of building material, cardboard boxes, and oftentimes old furniture. Individuals can use anything at the landfills to build themselves a new home on site. Under this system, homeless individuals will obtain shelter, while making practical use of materials that were thrown away.
While staying in a landfill, a homeless individual will never go hungry. Americans throw away copious amounts of food every day.…

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