Landline Telephone in Canada

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Problem Statement We want to research and understand the usage and ownership of landline telephones, as well as the use and ownership of cellular telephones in Canada. Currently, there is not enough information gathered on the topic of how Canadians would react to the eradication of the landline phone. If this problem is not addressed, the risk of damaging the company’s finances increases. We will use our best resources in order to research and present valuable information to our client. Current-day statistics, sites, and articles from trusted sources will be utilized to reach the goal of obtaining the needed information. Suggestions on what primary research should be conducted will follow our summary of the secondary sources. At this…show more content…
This information is very valuable as it shows that the high cost of cellphone plans may be a reason why people would be reluctant to make the switch from landlines. 5. The Chronicle Herald is a Canadian online newspaper. Their article “Canadians still love their landlines — but for how long?” gives us valuable information on why some people are reluctant to make the landline to cell phone only switch. It states that 83% of Canadians still have a home phone. It is said that many Canadians have decided to keep the landline because it is tied to their household/family and not just to a single person. The article goes on to elaborate the personal connection and reasons why people want to keep their landlines. The newspaper article also tells us some current statistics on the most preferred types of communication. Email is first at 33%, then phone at 30%, social media at 23%, and text messaging at 11%. 6. This website is made by Big Fish Media, and it contains valuable information on the common usage of cell phones in Canada. It lists the percentage of genders that use smartphones, what people tend to store on them, and how many text messages are sent each day. This information can be very helpful when trying
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