Landlines Marked for Obsolesce

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As technology gets better and better, more and more people rely on it. Each year, companies release their newest products, or newest editions of a product, on the market. Newest toys and newer gadgets have consumers up on their toes every time a company announces a release of their latest device. Cellphones alone developed tremendously and increased in usage this past decade. These new cellphones are opening a door to communication like never before. According to the Nielsen 2010 Media Industry Fact Sheet there are over 223 million U.S. mobile phone users over the age of 13. More than 26% of households in the U.S. have only a wireless phone (Snider, 2011). As consumers continue to move to wireless, states are passing, or considering, laws…show more content…
For just one landline, they could have their business and private calls differentiated. The business calls would transfer to one extension, while the other private calls would have their own. The owner would also have a relative idea of who is on the phone line and therefore have a prediction on which they are speaking with and what kind of language and tone they can use based on the call from each extension. This may also be used for the normal daily home use. It could be done by simply interring the home number of the landline followed by the extension and then listing the people in that household. The caller would then press the button associated with the name and that would transfer to that person’s room. Or instead of transferring to a specific room, the caller ID would simply show the number of the person that is calling and who he or she is trying to reach. This way, the possibility of someone calling the wrong number decreases and telephone marketers would have more trouble reaching potential customers and therefore decreasing the rate of them calling multiple times a day. This method of an extension landline produces better quality of telephone usage and increases the efficiency of communication via telephone. Another suggestion would be to lower prices so that those who can’t afford both a landline and a cellphone would choose the landline instead of the cellphone. An important reason that is keeping people from choosing landline, or cancelling their

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