Landon Carter Essay

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Love conquers all; The Heart versus The Mind; Faith; Forgiveness; Superficiality and Judgment

The narrator of the story, Landon Carter, who is a 17-year-old senior in Beaufort, North Carolina, in 1958, begins his story with the line, “When I was seventeen, my life changed forever.” (6) As he is telling the story, he is 57 years old and he remembers it like it was yesterday. He takes the audience on an amazing journey of his life. Landon is the kind of guy who always gets into trouble, he has nothing good going for himself, and his father is gone most of the time. But when Jamie walks in his life, his life would never be the same. He begins to look at life in a different light. Eventually, he fell in love with Jamie and he never thought that he could ever fall for her. Jamie is a shy and quiet girl but she also is the minister's daughter. Jamie is destined to show him the depths of forgiveness and the meaning of living. The main thing that Jamie teaches him is love is powerful.
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But there is a great inner turmoil in Landon's life because Jamie Sullivan acts as a mirror in which Landon sees his own behaviors, values, and patterns for the first time and is deeply dismayed by the images he sees. How Landon handles this self-image, how he is transformed by these recognition. This is an excellent book and the main message of it is the heart versus the mind and love. Without love, life is meaningless. The book has its moments where there is joy, happiness, loss, pain, and sorrow. A Walk to Remember taught me something important: don’t take life for granted. Because life is precious and I must enjoy it to the
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