Landscape Analysis Of Non Conforming Metrics And Practices

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Landscape Analysis of Non-Conforming Metrics and Practices Emet G. Davison Kettering University Abstract At an automotive OEM, when there are supplier quality issues that are shipped to and identified at the OEM’s assembly plant, a quality PRR will be issued to the supplier. The PRR requires the supplier to identify the measurement method to assure compliance and the containment action and action dates. The supplier is responsible for identifying the root cause and implementing corrective action to prevent future occurrences. Finally, they must describe the elements of the implementation process and the methods used to evaluate the effectiveness of the corrective actions. Problem-solving tools including 8Ds, 5 phase, and drill deep and…show more content…
With the availability of this data, it will be possible to identify the top issues and the true performance of suppliers’ quality. The drive for this metric will help identify the areas of supplier quality that require additional focus to drive quality improvements (Haustein, 2012). The data will provide management with the information to identify correlations of PRRs to plant shutdowns, yard-holds, and other costly actions from supplier quality issues. By creating a landscape analysis of the supplier quality department, the strategic elements are assessed to determine areas of improvement in addition to quantifying metrics of defects. Market The market refers to the area in which, the corporation is in and covers items of economic, competition, customer, and suppliers. The automotive OEM has economic success in the tracking and identification of supplier quality issues and has a system in place to resolve and prevent future occurrences. Though successful in the economic market, without identifying the areas to focus improvement, it led to a significant number of recalls and warranty claims of billions of dollars. The OEM’s competition also has systems to track supplier quality issues with similar processes, however, with the OEM’s lack of quantifying the actual quantity of issues to determine significance, the competition has an advantage over the OEM. The customers that are affected by supplier quality issues can reach beyond the OEM and

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