Landscape Edging Essay

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Landscape edging adds to the curb appeal of a home, yet it does much more than this. It helps to differentiate various parts of the yard, ensure grass does not encroach on a garden and eliminates the need to trim the edges of the landscape. To obtain the most from this decorative item, however, homeowners need to various options available to them.
Lawn and garden edging comes in many sizes, shapes and sizes. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages that must be weighed before purchase. Furthermore,cost and ease of use varies significantly when it comes to these items, and homeowners need to factor this into the decision making process.
Following are some types of borders that a homeowner may wish to make use of. Regardless of which
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Many homes already have concrete available for use, making this an inexpensive choice. For those who aren't in this situation, concrete landscape edging options can be purchased for a very low cost.
⦁ Stamped Concrete-Stamped concrete allows for a custom look and homeowners find they have numerous options to select from. In addition, a color may be selected that truly complements the landscape and home. Different molds are available, thus individuals need to consider all options when they go to install this type of border or edging. Be aware, when working with a landscaping contractor, that they may not offer all options. For this reason, it's best to get quotes from multiple companies.
⦁ Cinder Blocks-When cinder blocks are no longer needed, people often wonder how to dispose of them. Don't do this. Turn them into landscape edging, as they create a clean, geometrical border in very little time. Make certain the holes face out, as this ensures good drainage, or another option is to turn them into mini planters that hold different types of
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Many people collect things over the years, then wonder how they can best display them. Using them as a border in the landscape may be the perfect solution, depending on the collection obviously.
⦁ Metal Wheels-Gather a bunch of metal wheels and use them to offset a flower bed.Insert half of the wheel into the ground and make certain it is secured. Do this around the desired area and obtain more wheels, if needed. This is definitely a unique idea that will give the yard a distinctive look and one that homeowners may soon find copied by others.
⦁ Wine Bottles-Wine bottles seem to collect over time. Although they can be recycled, why not use them for a different purpose? Turn the wine bottles upside down and use them for landscape edging. Depending on one's wine preferences, different colored bottles may be used or they may all be of the same color. Regardless of which route a person chooses to go, they are not only helping to save the planet by recycling the bottles, they are doing so in a fun
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